Automatic Sample Grinding and Polishing Machine YMPZ-2

Automatic Sample Grinding and Polishing Machine YMPZ-2

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This machine YMPZ-2 is produced with PPC sewage collection plate and cover and is the latest product with a new and beautiful appearance. This machine is controlled by single chip microcomputer, grinding disc 100RPM-1400RPM of stepless speed regulation with digital tube display. The motor is DC brushless motor and don’t need to replace the brush, used for a long time. It can replace the manual grinding and polishing of the procedure, timing and set the speed of grinding head. The platen speed of polishing disc operates independently. It is the best equipment of metallographic sample preparation.

Main parameters:

Grinding Method: Automatic                Grinding Wheel Diameter: 230 mm

Speed: 100-1400 r/min, Stepless             Power: 400W

Machine body: Plastic case, Corrosion resistant head, Antirust

Test Block: 4                             Air Pressure: 2.3~8kg/cm²

Grinding Head Speed: 20-120 r/min, Stepless    Way of Pressure: separate pressurized

Sample size: Max Φ45mm (Selectable, φ22, φ30, φ45 etc.)

Interface: membrane switch, digital display, can set the grinding speed, timing, steering and tank cleaning function

Display: 1. Speed  2. Time countdown  3. Air pressure

Pressurizing Force Adjustable Range: 0-6 Kg

Grinding Time: adjustable range 0-100 minutes (It can display the remaining time when grinding)

Rotation Angle of Grinding Head: adjustable

Grinding Direction: forward or reverse direction

Specimen Chuck: specimen fixture can be quickly replaced (quickly-disassembled function)

Dimension: 757L×623W×645Hmm

Power Supply: AC220V, 1000W

Weight: 78Kg

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