CSL-B Electric Notch Broaching Machine

Notch Broaching Machine for specimen prepation of Charpy Impact Test

To process V-notch and U-notch

One machine with two knives


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CSL-B Electric Notch Broaching Machine (Notch Cutter)

(For making U-notch and V-notch of Impact sample)

1. Application & Features:

Impact sample gap/notch broaching machine is the only facility to process regular sample gap/notch except for optical curve grinder in China. Due to one time form processing principle, the identity of machining gap/notch is very good. The series of machine can be divided into two kinds, manual mode and electric hydraulic mode. U type and V type are all made with W18Cr4V material to assure its high rigidity, good wearable. Each broach can be used for about more than 20000 times.

2. Standards:

The series machines comply with GB2106-80 “Metal Charpy (V type) Gap Impact Test Method” and GB229-94 “Metal Charpy (U type) Gap Impact Test Method”. It can also meet American standard, European standard ASTM、E23-02a、EN10045、ISO148、ISO083, and so on.

3. Main Technical Specifications:



Cut mode

Electric mode

Shape of sample gap

V notch ,U notch

Sample size


Broach moving distance


Broach material


Dimensions of host machine


Net weight


4. Cutting Knife (one for V-notch, another for U-notch)

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