Electric Extensometer

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Electric Extensometer 

(0.5 Class test accuracy, ASTM E83 Class B)



The electronic extensometers are made according to resistance strain principle. It has legerity structure, good stability and easy to operate, and has became the essential sensor for strain automatic testing and been widely used in various academies, scientific research institutes, factories, laboratories.


These series mainly used to determine the axis strain. For example, modulus of elasticity E, prescriptive non-proportional extend stretch Rpxx, prescriptive general extend stretch Rtxx, various elongation percentage, strain hardening index n and other parameters.

Main Technical Specifications

Gauge Length (mm) 50 50 50 100
Max. deformation (mm) 5 10 25 25
Accuracy  ± 0.5% of FS
Strain resistance 350 Ω
Resolution of output value 2 mV/V
Supply Voltage ≤ 6 V

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