Electric Power Fittings Tensile Testing Machine

Electric Power Fittings Tensile Testing Machine

Electric Power Fittings Tensile Testing Machine

Load capacity: 1000kN, 100Ton

Test standard: IEC61284

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Electric Power Fittings Tensile Testing Machine

(1000kN, 100Ton, other load capacity is optional)

1. Function:

The testing machine is mainly used to determine the tensile strength of electric cable, optic cable, steel wire rope, steel strand  and other rope materials. The testing machine adopts hydraulic cylinder to load, load  cell  to  measure,  computer  to  print  and  computer  to  display  test  data  and  other advanced technology.


2. Main Technical Specification

2.1 Max. testing force: 1000kN

2.2 Rang of test force: 8kN-1000kN

2.3 Accuracy of testing force: better than ±1% of indicating value

2.4 Resolution of testing force: 1/100000

2.5 Testing space (not include piston stroke): 400-13000mm (500mm for interval)

2.6 Plug way: manual plug

2.7 Oil-cylinder piston stroke: 1500mm

2.8 Displacement measuring range: 1500mm

2.9 Resolution of displacement measuring: 0.01mm

2.10 Crossbeam quick tensile speed: not lower than 100mm/min

2.11 Load testing speed: 0-70mm/min

2.12 Height of work bench: 450mm

3.13 Testing force measuring way: load sensor 1000kN

2.14 Control test method: computer auto control all the testing process, the testing force and testing

curve displayed on the PC, it auto process the testing date according to relative testing standard.

2.15 Clamp methods of specimen: hydraulic clamp, for connection part is supplied by the buyer.

2.16 Multiple testing curves displayed: force- displacement, force-time, force- deformation, stress-

strain, time- displacement, etc.

2.17 Control cabinet and mainframe is separated, it also has safety protection shield. 

2.18 Overall dimension (L x W x H): 21000x1900x1455mm (for reference)

2.19 Weight: 21000 kgs (for reference)

2.20 Power: 3 phase, 4 wires, 380V±10%, 50Hz


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